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  Photo2Album - Basic Edition
Type Product Features Provision
  Email-Sized Photo Album
- Create Email-Sized Photo Album (+ effect + music) that runs directly without
any software.
* 100 Photos - Only 1MB
* 250 Photos - Only 2MB
* 400 Photos - Only 3MB

  Autorun Photo Album CD
- Create Photo Album CD (+ effect + music) that runs directly without any

  Photo VCD
- Create Photo VCD from photos or album pages.
  One Second To Create Photo Album
- Drag and drop photos to create organized and auto-indexed album (ONE

  Album View with 3D Page-Flipping
- View photos on Album View with 3D Page-Flipping Effect (+ effect + music).
  Fast Photo Browsing
- Display photo thumbnails at high speed (around 5-10 times faster than
Windows 2000).

  Photo Viewing Sequence
- Drag and drop photos to adjust their indexes for preferred viewing sequence
(with memory).

  Customized Photo Album
- Each Photo Album can be customized such that it has its own setting (Cover,
Background Music and so on).

  Photo Album Exchange
- Send your edited Photo Album to others' Photo2Album for exchange and

  Photo2Album Image Editor
- Adjust Contrast, Brightness, RGB, Gamma, Hue, Saturation and Solarization.
- Make Gray Scale, Negative, Mix, Repair, Emboss and Noise Effects.
- Remove red eye problem and wrinkles.
- Add text of any color and font.
- Copy background pattern and design your own cover.
- Convert image size to smaller or larger one.
- And many more . . .