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"Only one second! I can turn Digital Photos to Photo Albums. This program is so easy to use!"
Brian Walters, Australia

"Just one minute, a fantastic Email-sized Photo Album can be created."
Nick Dewhirst, United Kingdom

"Photo2Album lets me enjoy viewing digital photos on a realistic 3D Page-Flipping Photo Album."
Rachael Levine, United States

"Photo2Album is the real all-in-one software for organizing, editing and sharing my digital photos . It is a must-have software for digital cameras."
Louisette Boily, Canada

"By "drag and drop", I can arrange my preferred photo viewing sequence for each album with permanent memory. It is so efficient for organizing my digital photos."
Robbie Cowan, United Kingdom

"Incredible! In Photo2Album, I can have different covers, inside page patterns, background music and effects for different photo albums.
Sheila Hamilton, United States

"The Image Editor of Photo2Album is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for editing digital photos"
Michelle Amery, Germany

"The Image Editor of Photo2Album is so powerful! I can greatly improve my digital photos by adjusting Contrast, Brightness, RGB, Gamma, Hue, Saturation and Solarization. I can make Gray Scale, Negative, Mix, Emboss and Noise Effects. I can also repair a rough region and remove red eye problem and reduce ugly wrinkles. A selected region of the image can also be resized and it can be also rotated in any angles. Text of different colors and fonts can be added."
Jennifer McGrath, Ireland

"In Photo2Album, I can design my own cover and inside pages for each of my photo albums. I can easily select rectangular, elliptical and irregular region for editing. I can conveniently add more than one photo and text of different colors and fonts. I can even copy a region of another photo or image as the background pattern for cover and inside pages."
Jim Haverkamp, United States

"My parents and grandparents don't have a computer at home. With Photo2Album, I can generate Photo VCDs to share my digital photos with them."
Bill Degen, New Zealand

"It's so useful! Now I don't need to spend so much time and money in making new catalogues. It takes me just several minutes to create a high-quality Photo Album CDs and I can effectively show my new products and designs to hundreds of my clients."
Bertha Henson, Singapore